We Are On Your Side In Criminal Cases

When you are facing criminal charges of any nature, you may feel shocked, embarrassed, and at a loss for how to proceed and where to turn. At Law Offices of Lance T. Marshall, we know what you are feeling. We have the experience and the skill that you need in a criminal attorney to get past this, and we work to minimize the impact that the charges will have upon your future.

The Details Of Your Case Matter. We Build A Strategy Around Them All.

Every situation is unique to the circumstances that surround the charges or arrest. We provide consultations with each client we represent to ensure that we understand every detail at play. We listen to you. We utilize this in-depth understanding to create a highly customized case in your defense that accounts for evidence and circumstances the prosecution may not have considered. Whether we seek a deal or take the case to trial, you can be assured that we will work with you and for you for the most positive outcome possible.

Located in State College, Pennsylvania, we provide a free initial consultation to each client we represent. To schedule an appointment and discuss your situation with a skilled lawyer, please call us today at 814-308-0422.

We know that you are facing considerable strain, as your charges weigh heavy. We do everything within our power to make the process as smooth as possible. Information is always readily available, and answers are never more than a phone call away. We will always be fully informed of every detail and development in the course of your case.

When the risk of harsh punishment is so hard, turn to a firm you know will carefully and skillfully handle your case.