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Developing a defense strategy for drug trafficking; jurisdiction

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2013 | Drug Trafficking |

In order to develop a defense strategy when charged with drug trafficking, several factors need to be assessed.  The first step to determine your strategy deals with jurisdiction.  Jurisdiction is crucial and is often overlooked by defense attorneys.  Are you in federal court?  Or are you in state court?  If you are in state court, which county and/or judicial district are you in?  If you have already been charged, is there a possibility to transfer your case to another jurisdiction? 

It is terrible to think that the same drug trafficking crime may be treated differently in different jurisdictions, but that is the reality of the criminal justice system in Pennsylvania.  For example, in Centre County, the size of Penn State University makes much of Centre County subject to the so-called “school zone mandatory minimum sentence” of 2 years incarceration.  In Blair County, there is a greater volume  of street to mid level drug trafficking then in the surrounding areas.  With so much open space in Huntingdon County, drug trafficking crimes tend to look different there.

When choosing a criminal defense attorney to defend your drug delivery charge, choose a criminal defense attorney who is experienced, not only in defending drug delivery cases, but who is also experienced in many different counties.  There is a reason an attorney like Lance T. Marshall is in high demand in several different counties throughout Pennsylvania.  You never know if transferring a case from one county to another is in your best interest unless you talk to someone experienced in both counties.  Talk to Lance T. Marshall today.  Go to