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Underage drinking and Criminal Defense

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

A criminal defense case always begins with the facts.  Let’s assume you are under 21 underage drinking, and you are drinking alcohol with some of your friends. Unfortunately, one of your friends has drank too much alcohol and has passed out.  Or maybe there was a fight and your friend is bleeding.  Please call 911, and don’t worry, you will not be arrested for underage drinking as well.

Important in the field of criminal defense is the “Medical Amnesty Law.” Pennsylvania has passed a medical amnesty law.  The idea behind the law is that people don’t always make the right decisions because they are worried about getting into trouble.  As a result, people may not call for help when help is needed.  The Medical Amnesty Law is designed to stop that hesitation and keep people safe.

In order to take advantage of the Medical Amnesty Law, you must: 1) be the reason law enforcement learned of the medical emergency; 2) reasonably believe you are the first person calling law enforcement and report that a person is in need of immediate medical attention to prevent death or serious bodily injury; 3) provide your own name to 911 (or police services); and 4) remain with the person until medical personnel arrive and the need for your presence has ended.

If you do those things, you are immune from prosecution for consumption or possession of alcohol.

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