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Drug dealers face stiff penalties

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Despite a drug epidemic throughout much of the United States, it is not uncommon for students to experiment with drugs while away at college. Although the concept of making money as a drug dealer or distributor may seem to be lucrative for some, it is important to understand that drug trafficking and drug distribution are far more serious crimes than drug possession, and being found guilty may lead to serious and life-long consequences.

If you are found with drugs and the police believe you had an intention to sell them, you may be charged with drug trafficking. If you are found with a high quantity of drugs or with a large amount of cash during your arrest, you may be hit with drug distribution. Both are considered felonies.

Drug trafficking and drug distribution charges are not only for illegal controlled substances such as methamphetamines, heroine cocaine and marijuana. The charges may be applied to prescription drugs as well such as hydrocodone and pharmaceutical opiates.

While lesser drug offenses such as drug possession may be handled on a local or state level, drug trafficking and drug distribution are handled on both a state and federal level. This means that state laws applicable to the crimes may be overridden by federal laws, which often carry minimum sentencing standards. It goes without saying that drug charges should be taken seriously, especially larger offenses such as drug trafficking and drug distribution. A guilty verdict will not only affect you short term, but may come with long-term or even life-long consequences.

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