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Jennerstown woman found overdosing with child in car

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | DUI |

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of Americans each day. In fact, according to the director of the Closing the Addiction Gap initiative, as many as 23.5 million in the United States alone are facing alcohol and addiction problems. Unfortunately, the addiction often carries over to other people and can hurt and harm family members as well. A 28-year-old young woman from Jennerstown, Pennsylvania is an unfortunate example after being found in her car after overdosing from heroin while her two-year-old daughter sat in the backseat.

The woman now faces multiple charges, including DUI, recklessly endangering another person, endangering the welfare of a child, controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was found unconscious at a gas station beside a pump on Route 30 holding heroin stamp bags around one o’clock in the afternoon on February 10. She is currently being held at the Somerset County Jail.

If found guilty, this young woman will be facing very serious consequences. Not only would her driver’s license be suspended, but the custody of her child may be in jeopardy; she may also face significant time in prison and stiff fines for her crimes.

It is vitally important to recognize the seriousness of criminal charges, including DUI and drug offense charges. In order to protect yourself, your family and your future, it is in your best interest to prepare yourself when entering the courts to fight these charges. Failing to have the right team at your side to fight such charges can make all the difference in your world.

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