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Penn State fraternity member facing felony marijuana charges

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Blog |

Law enforcement recently arrested Beta Theta Pi member at Pennsylvania State University on felony drug charges for allegedly selling a large amount of marijuana from the fraternity house over a period of months. This is just one example of the serious consequences associated with marijuana on Penn State campus.

Perhaps you do not sell large amounts of marijuana but you interact with it every once in a while. If you ever possess, cultivate or distribute the drug in any fashion, you are putting yourself at risk of serious charges. Here is an overview of the penalties for using marijuana at Penn State.

Criminal charges

You might be aware that the State College Borough Council changed the possession of small amounts of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a summary offense. There are plenty of caveats in this ordinance, including the fact that Penn State Police do not enforce it.

On campus, law enforcement still treats possessing a small amount as a misdemeanor. This means any small amount. If Penn State Police find you with a single joint, it could result in criminal charges. Keep in mind that there may be additional charges to possession of marijuana, including possessing paraphernalia such as bongs, rolling papers, pipes and baggies.

Disciplinary action

Possession of drugs or related paraphernalia is a violation of the code of conduct at Penn State. Sanctions include:

  • Disciplinary probation
  • Participation in a marijuana intervention program
  • Review of your on-campus housing contract

Along with these potential actions, the violation will be on your disciplinary record.

It is crucial for you to be aware of the consequences of an arrest for having marijuana and related items. Despite the State College Borough Council ordinance and changing marijuana laws in other states, drug charges are serious. If law enforcement catches you with marijuana on campus or anywhere else, consult a defense attorney to get your best shot at a favorable outcome.