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Woman caught allegedly selling drugs to cops at Penn State

On Behalf of | May 3, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Some of our readers in and around State College may have seen a recent report that a 21-year-old woman was arrested following multiple alleged drug purchases made by a confidential informant orchestrated by Pennsylvania State Police.

According to the criminal complaint, three separate purchases were made between confidential informants and the alleged drug dealer. The first incident occurred on East Beaver Avenue, when the defendant reportedly sold a bag of marijuana to an informant for $45. The second incident occurred at the same location for a bag of marijuana for $250. The third exchange occurred at the Pattee Library on the University Park campus, when an informant purchased 10 Concerta pills, often associated with attention deficit disorder and deficit hyperactivity disorder treatments, for $60.

The woman now faces very serious charges, including three felony possession counts with intent to deliver, as well as three possession of a controlled substance misdemeanor charges. Bail was set at $20,000.

Such serious drug charges could lead to severe penalties, including substantial time in prison and a criminal record that could haunt the accused’s future for decades to come. It would likely be in her best interest to protect herself and her future by attempting to formulate a strong defense strategy A strong criminal defense team will be able to look at the case and all the evidence, and possibly work with prosecutors to negotiate a plea deal, or even look to see if there are factors that could lead to a reduced sentence or even a dismissal.

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