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How criminal charges can derail a college career

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Blog |

Many criminal charges stem from frivolous mistakes. There is a difference between premeditating a crime and simply making a poor decision, but when it comes to the law, both can land you to a courtroom. Drinking too much or getting into a fight can quickly escalate, and the consequences might even entail criminal charges. It is important to deal quickly with such a situation and its implications.

One of the most troubling implications is the potential effect a court trial and criminal charges could have on a young student’s college career. The following three issues should concern any student or parent of a student charged with a crime. 


Inability to keep up with coursework

No matter what charges you are facing, you can expect the process ahead to be arduous and stressful. It will likely be even worse if you attempt to handle it without legal counsel and representation. In cases where charges are subject to trial, the impact on a student’s coursework can be devastating. The distraction and time demand can result in poor or failing grades. 

Penalization from judicial affairs

In addition to dealing with the criminal justice system of the state, students will likely face reprimand from their school’s department of judicial affairs, too. Depending on the nature of the charges, the outcome and other factors, students might be subject to penalization up to and including expulsion from school.

Ineligibility for financial aid

According to the U.S. Department of Education, certain criminal convictions can make you ineligible for financial aid. Drug offenses and sexual crimes are most often the charges that will interfere with eligibility, and incarcerated students’ eligibility is limited. Without financial aid, many students would be unable to attend college at all, so it is imperative that any student charged with a crime be aware of just how much is on the line.