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State College man faces felony drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Individuals accused of drug charges have legal protections to be aware of. A State College man was recently charged with felony drug charges for allegedly selling controlled substances to a confidential informant. According to authorities, the 26-year old man allegedly contacted the informant to purchase Suboxone. The drug is used to treat narcotic addiction but has a high risk of addiction itself. According to the informant, the informant had purchased marijuana from the 26-year old man in the past.

Police reported that the informant arranged to purchase 5 Suboxone pills from the accused man for $100. While under surveillance, the informant went to a residence and purchased the controlled substance. The pills were sent to a crime lab and were confirmed to contain buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is a schedule III controlled substance which is found in Suboxone.

Over a month following the alleged initial purchase, the informant arranged a second purchase of a controlled substance at the same residence and purchased a drug named Sublingual, also containing buprenorphine, for $150. The State Police Lab also confirmed the drug contained buprenorphine. The man is facing felony drug charges associated with the allegations including possession with intent to deliver and criminal use of a communication facility. He is also facing misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance.

Drug charges carry serious penalties and should not be taken lightly which is why it is important for accused individuals to understand their defense rights. A criminal defense strategy, that may attack the evidence alleged against the accused individual, witness statements or argue a defense such as entrapment when the circumstances warrant it, is essential for any accused individual facing drug charges and the potentially harsh penalties they carry.

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