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State legislator arrested, charged with DUI

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | DUI |


Drunk driving offense are some of the most commonly charged crimes in Pennsylvania. People from all walks of life can find themselves facing DUI charges after making a bad decision.

According to news reports, Pennsylvania state legislator John Maher was recently arrested after police said they saw him make an unsafe U-turn and drive the wrong way on a street. Police said Maher’s blood alcohol level was at least 0.16, or twice the legal limit.

Maher, who is in his 11th term representing parts of Washington and Allegheny counties, apologized for his behavior in a letter to the Pittsbugh Post-Gazette, saying he made a bad decision when he decided to drive. He said that after a day in session in the state legislature, he was heading from downtown Harrisburg to a place where he was staying, just two miles away. Reporters said they could find no court records to indicate if Maher had been arrested for DUI in the past.

The lawmaker’s story illustrates several important points about DUI arrests. People who face DUI charges can be wealthy or poor. Many of them have never had any first-hand experience with the justice system. Some of them have had a lot of experience. And some of them, like this legislator, have experience actually writing and passing laws.

It’s important to remember that everyone who is accused of DUI deserves a defense. DUI charges can have long-lasting impact on your finances, your freedom and your future. If you have been accused of DUI, it’s important to seek out help from a skilled DUI defense lawyer to learn about your legal options.

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