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State College crime statistics for arts festival released

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Summer is a busy time of year with many activities to attend. Crime statistics from the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts were recently released. According to State College police, reported criminal activity during the festival was normal to below usual. Police reported there were 69 non traffic-related incidents throughout the weekend in the area State College police cover. Underage drinking topped the list of most reported incidents with a total of 20 reports of underage drinking.

The second highest reported criminal violations were open container violations and public drunkenness violations. There were a total of 12 recorded open container violations and also a total of 12 recorded public drunkenness violations. In addition, three DUIs were recorded and two non-DUI misdemeanors were also reported. Additional calls to police were recorded for false identifications, urinating in public, noise complaints or disorderly conduct and other alcohol-related medical assistance calls.

Being involved in a situation or incident that leads to criminal charges is serious in anyone’s life. Criminal defense rights become increasingly important when accused individuals understand the potential impact of criminal charges. Not only can they impact housing, educational and professional opportunities but they can also threaten various aspects of the accused individual’s future and freedom. As a result, it is important to understand how to immediately exercise criminal defense rights.

Knowing how to respond to criminal charges, accusations and allegations, and how to form a strong criminal defense strategy to whatever criminal charges are being faced, can be essential to the preservation of the freedom and future of the accused individual. A strong criminal defense strategy can include any number of defense methods based on the situation and circumstances which should be clearly understood by any individual facing criminal charges.

Source: Centre Daily News, “State College police release Arts Fest crime statistics,” July 17, 2017