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Pennsylvania colleges have a high amount of reported crime

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

Criminal defense rights are important to all individuals who have been accused of a crime. A total of 1,701 crimes were reported by Pennsylvania colleges during 2015 which is one of the highest numbers of crimes reported on a college campus anywhere in the nation. The data is provided by the Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security survey. The survey tracks a wide range of reported criminal offenses including serious criminal offenses such as rape, burglary, assault and murder. When adjusted for the number of students in the state, Pennsylvania falls on the list.

Some potential reasons that the number of crimes may be reportedly high on Pennsylvania college campuses include a focus on reporting given the history in the state; the mix of urban and suburban schools in the state and the urban schools accounting for more crime; and that the reported numbers do not differentiate between major and minor crimes. Being accused of any crime can be devastating for any college student and should be taken seriously.

Criminal defense options are the most important resource for those facing criminal charges. Criminal defense rights protect accused individuals from abuse by authorities and unwarranted charges. They ensure that the constitutional rights of accused individuals are honored and that accused individuals have the ability to challenge the evidence, allegations and accusations against them.

Accused individuals should be familiar with how to develop a strong criminal defense strategy when they have been accused of committing a crime. Criminal charges can significantly impact an accused individual’s freedom and ability to obtain and education which is why it is important to effectively respond to criminal charges, allegations and accusations.

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