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Understanding marijuana crimes in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | Drug Charges |

Though marijuana use may be becoming increasingly acceptable in the views of some, it remains illegal in the state of Pennsylvania. Even misdemeanor marijuana possession can impact a student’s education and job opportunities which is why drug charges should never be taken lightly. There are several different drug charges accused individuals may face related to marijuana.

Drug charges in Pennsylvania related to marijuana can include possession of under 30 grams of marijuana which is a third-degree misdemeanor; possession of 30 grams or greater of marijuana; possession with the intent to distribute marijuana; and cultivation of marijuana. Drug paraphernalia charges are common, and quite expansive, and can result in up to a year in jail and fines.

Accused individuals typically face multiple drug charges stemming from one alleged incident. In general, drug possession and drug trafficking charges can result in harsh criminal penalties and serious personal consequences which is why it is important for accused individuals to carefully consider their criminal defense options. A careful defense strategy takes into account the facts of the alleged incident and the variables surrounding it to develop the best approach to challenge the charges the accused individual is facing.

Criminal defense rights and protections do not vary based on the circumstances and remain consistent which is why it is important to consider them in light of allegations the accused individual is facing in order to develop the best defense strategy possible. To do so, it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights and protections and how to enforce them.