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November 2017 Archives

What will officer do to decide whether I am drunk?

Police officers in Pennsylvania are trained to be on the lookout for drivers who appear to be intoxicated. Through observation, they make note a driver's inability to stay in their lane or other allegedly erratic driving habits, and through those observations, they may develop a suspicion of the driver's impairment. Once a driver is stopped an officer may ask a driver to submit to field sobriety testing to confirm their suspicion of drunk driving.

Criminal defense attorneys are an asset to your trial preparation

Many individuals live their entire lives without ever going through the legal justice system. They may avoid civil lawsuits either as the plaintiffs or defendants and they may never face criminal sanctions. However, when a legal matter, and particularly a criminal matter, arises, a Pennsylvania resident many feel unprepared and unsure of how to protect their rights since they have no prior experience on which to base their preparations.

Understand your defenses to allegations of sexual assault

Allegations of sexual assault are serious criminal matters that can impact the futures of those individuals who face criminal charges based on alleged inappropriate or deviant sexual conduct. In Pennsylvania, a person may be charged with sexual assault or indecent assault depending upon the facts of their case. This post will provide a basic review of these two laws and will introduce several of the defenses that individuals may offer at trial.

Two men face drug charges, other charges in State College

Drug and other criminal charges can impact an accused individual's life for a lifetime and create a criminal history that may cause personal, professional and education-related challenges. Two men are facing drug charges, burglary charges and other charges following a recent incident in downtown State College. The two 19-year old men were allegedly found in a bar by an employee after hours when the bar was closed. The two men ran from the employee and were arrested by police.

What penalties am I likely to face for drunk driving?

It is important for individuals accused of drunk driving to understand that they face serious consequences and penalties but they may wonder what they are. Specific penalties and consequences associated with driving while intoxicated vary by state but there are some general penalties and consequences that are common. First, it is important to note that individuals accused of drunk driving face possible criminal penalties and administrative consequences associated with a DUI charge.

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