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Facing criminal charges better than fleeing

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

When an individual is charged with a crime or is on the verge of being arrested, the instinct to flee can be strong. After all, being convicted of a crime can have life-long consequences and far-reaching effects. Young adults like college students may be particularly tempted to hit the road when faced with a criminal charge. But time and time again, evidence shows that fleeing rarely works out to the benefit of the fugitive.

News stories abound about fugitives who’ve been running for years, who may think that law enforcement is no longer looking for them, and who are ultimately arrested living in hiding or under an assumed name. Not only is a life on the run stressful, but fleeing itself is a crime. And when a fugitive is captured, the consequences are usually much direr.

A recent example is a 22 year-old Pennsylvania woman who fled when warrants were issued for her arrest in connection with forgery and bad check charges. The woman also had outstanding warrants in other counties on drug charges and additional legal infractions. She managed to elude law enforcement for over a year, but was ultimately arrested at a posh resort in Western Pennsylvania.

When a fugitive is arrested, they are usually considered a flight risk. This means that bail may be set much higher than it otherwise would have been or that bail may not even be an option. A bail bond company would likely think twice about issuing a bond to someone who had already fled once. Finally, a fugitive may face additional charges for fleeing law enforcement.

When faced with criminal charges, an individual’s best bet is to seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney. A lawyer can help mitigate the consequences of the crime and achieve a better outcome than fleeing would. And then the client can go on to lead a regular life instead of a life on the run.

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