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Police crack down on partiers in State College

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

With State Patty’s Day in the bag and St. Patrick’s Day on the way in the State College, Pennsylvania area, it’s clear that law enforcement is cracking down. Those who are celebrating should plan to do so as safely and responsibly. On the other hand, folks who may have been caught up as part of the crackdown should seek the counsel of seasoned criminal defense attorney right away.

State Patty’s Day is a student-created holiday that is centered largely around drinking. Penn State University and local law enforcement have, for years, been attempting to reduce the negative effects of the weekend-long celebration. This year, they chose to step up law enforcement in an effort to reduce crime and prevent the negative, sometimes long-term, consequences that may result from it.

This year, law enforcement received 471 service calls that resulted in 160 arrests or citations. Although there were fewer calls than last year, the number of arrests and citations was up. The number of DUI arrests was also lower this year than last year. Unfortunately, Mount Nittany Medical Center still reported 41 alcohol overdoses over the course of the weekend.

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, stepped up law enforcement will continue to be a possibility. Those taking part in the festivities should use their best judgment and be careful not to overindulge. If, however, one finds him or herself in legal hot water as a result of celebrating too heartily, they should be sure not to talk to law enforcement without first contacting a lawyer. An experienced criminal lawyer can help to make sure that one’s Irish luck does not run out.

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