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Senate bill may increase penalties for repeat DUI offenders

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2018 | DUI |

A drunk driving accident may be one of the most devastating ways to lose a child. That’s why the “Pennsylvania Parents Against Impaired Driving” group is pushing for change by demanding that lawmakers pass Senate Bill 961, which would increase penalties for repeat DUI offenders. The bill was approved by the Senate in April and later this month, lawmakers will return to the Capitol and will have less than 10 session days to pass the bill.

The bill makes some changes to the state’s current drunk driving laws. Under current law, you will not be charged with a felony for drunk driving unless you kill somebody, even if you have multiple DUI convictions. However, under the new law, a DUI would be increased to a felony on the fourth offense, or increased to a felony on a third offense if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration was at least twice the legal limit.

If this bill passes, it will become more important than ever for drivers facing DUI charges to seek the guidance of a qualified criminal attorney. Drivers with multiple DUI offenses on their record could face hundreds and thousands of dollars in fines, a yearlong license suspension, and significant jail time.

If you are facing DUI charges, do not despair. Many DUI charges are dropped due to insufficient evidence or an illegal arrest by the officer at the scene. A DUI defense attorney can analyze the specifics of your case and come up with a solid strategy to help you defend against the charges you face.