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November 2018 Archives

DUI, general, high and highest rate of alcohol in Pennsylvania

With State College being so rife with young people who might decide to go to parties and drink with relatively high frequency, there is a good possibility that people will do just that. When they are legally allowed to do so, there is nothing wrong with it. However, many might decide to get behind the wheel after drinking. Whether they have had a small amount of alcohol or not, this is dangerous and can lead to a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Drug charges filed after man dies from overdose and is moved

In State College and throughout Pennsylvania, the drug problem is a growing concern for legislators and law enforcement. To try and reduce the frequency of people buying and using drugs, there are frequent traffic stops and investigations of those believed to be involved in drug offenses. That, however, does not automatically mean people who are placed under arrest for drug violations are guilty. The circumstances will inevitably differ in these cases and those charged should make certain they have a legal defense that can do whatever is necessary to combat the allegations and avoid the most serious consequences.

What is Zero Tolerance DUI in Pennsylvania?

For students at State College, alcohol will undoubtedly be present whether they are of legal age to consume it or not. It is unavoidable in college. Many will violate the law by drinking underage and try to purchase alcohol. While they might not see it as an egregious legal violation, the fact is that they can face charges for alcohol-related offenses. This is especially problematic if the underage person gets behind the wheel and is accused of driving while intoxicated. Not only could they face charges for DWI, but the blood-alcohol content level to warrant DWI charges is lower for a person under 21 than it is for someone of legal drinking age. Understanding Zero Tolerance in Pennsylvania is critical toward a defense.

What you need to know about police interrogations

Getting stopped by a police officer in Pennsylvania can be intimidating, particularly if the officer proceeds to question you regarding your alleged involvement in a crime. If you are stopped and questioned by a police officer, it is important that you know your rights. A criminal defense attorney can evaluate your case and determine whether the questioning you endured was lawful.

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