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Drug charges filed after man dies from overdose and is moved

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Drug Charges, Drug Charges |

In State College and throughout Pennsylvania, the drug problem is a growing concern for legislators and law enforcement. To try and reduce the frequency of people buying and using drugs, there are frequent traffic stops and investigations of those believed to be involved in drug offenses. That, however, does not automatically mean people who are placed under arrest for drug violations are guilty. The circumstances will inevitably differ in these cases and those charged should make certain they have a legal defense that can do whatever is necessary to combat the allegations and avoid the most serious consequences.

A man who was experiencing a drug overdose led to the arrest of four people. A woman who was in a vehicle with her boyfriend and two other people – a man and a woman – was allegedly going to another part of the state to purchase heroin. As they were returning, one of the men was unresponsive and they thought he had died. The woman was reluctant to call for emergency assistance due to her criminal record. The man who had become unresponsive also had a criminal record.

Rather than call for assistance, they went to a residence where they met another man. The overdosing individual was brought into the home. They attempted CPR. When he did not awaken, he was brought back to the vehicle. The woman drove to a gas station with the man and intended to inform law enforcement that he was a hitchhiker she did not know and he died in the vehicle. They did not believe her and deduced that the man had died earlier. She and the alleged drug dealer were arrested on numerous charges. The man who helped drag the body into and out of the residence is also facing charges.

With any arrest on drug offenses, the person can be confronted with jail time, fines and extended problems even after they have served their sentence. The sale of drugs and crimes associated with trying to cover up having used them and purchased them is treated very harshly by prosecutors. Although this case seems egregious, it does not mean that those who are accused do not have rights and are out of options. Perhaps they can seek a plea agreement or their addiction can be viewed as a mitigating factor in their behavior. Having legal assistance to deal with drug charges is a must whether the person is accused of sale, possession or anything else. This is key from the beginning.