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Man arrested for domestic assault after altercation with woman

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2018 | Criminal Defense, Criminal Defense |

For residents of State College, Pennsylvania, being arrested for assault can have a profound impact on the rest of their lives. This is especially true when there are allegations of domestic assault and a man is accused of assaulting a female. The penalties that accompany a criminal conviction are difficult enough, but the act carries with it a stigma that can be hard to shake. It can follow a person around for an extended period and hinder their daily lives personally and professionally. Regardless of the situation, it is imperative for those arrested on these charges to have legal assistance to craft a strong criminal defense.

A man was arrested after being accused of strangling his girlfriend during a dispute. The incident occurred after midnight when the 31-year-old man was said to have assaulted her. She had injuries to her back, neck and head. He was brought into the police station and stated that the incident occurred, but the strangulation did not continue for an extended period. He stated that he was trying to leave when the woman attacked him. She was treated at the hospital. He is facing multiple charges including harassment, simple assault and strangulation.

People who are in a relationship will inevitably get into disagreements about a litany of issues. Sometimes, those disputes can spiral out of control and there will be a physical incident. No matter who is deemed to be at fault, a man who is alleged to have put his hands on a woman will have a negative image in the aftermath. While there is no excuse for a man hitting, choking or committing other violent acts against a woman, he has the right to explain his side of the story with a strong defense. It is possible a plea bargain could reduce the charges and counseling can be used in lieu of jail. There might have been a misunderstanding. No matter what, a man must contact a legal professional for help.

A man had a dispute with his girlfriend and it turned violent. He was arrested. As the investigation continues, he cannot forget how critical it is to have legal advice when formulating a criminal defense. A law firm that has experience in helping people in the State College area should be contacted for advice on how to proceed.