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August 2019 Archives

Did the police stereotype you?

The police take you into custody. Maybe it's a traffic stop. Maybe they stop you on the street. However it happens, you do not feel like it's a fair arrest. You think that the officers stereotyped you when they picked you up. Does it happen?

Do people often consider divorce?

You may find yourself wondering how often people think about ending their marriages. Maybe it's crossed your mind with your own relationship, and you want to know if most people are in the same boat or if you have a surprisingly problematic marriage. Maybe you're not even sure if you want to split up for real, so you're just wondering how normal it is to think about divorce at all.

Why is it risky to get married early?

Have you ever heard people say that you don't want to get married too young or that you should never get married before you get done with college? Maybe you've wondered why it matters; if you already found the right person for you, isn't that the only thing you really need to worry about?

Do you have to exceed the legal limit to get a DUI?

You know that you can get a DUI if you break the legal limit, which is a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% for most drivers. If the police pull you over and give you a breath test -- or arrest you and then perform a blood test -- you can face charges for driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in your system.

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