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Try not to make it personal if your spouse lies during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Divorce |

You know that it’s illegal to lie during a divorce case. You have to be honest about everything. This includes how you both acted during the marriage, what assets you control and much more.

Unfortunately, just because it’s illegal to lie does not mean that your spouse won’t do it. It can be infuriating to hear them lie to the judge and mislead everyone about this case that is so important to you.

If this happens, try not to make it personal. Do not insult your spouse or verbally attack them. Do not let your anger show. Don’t yell or lose your temper in court.

Feeling angry is natural, and this isn’t to say that you should ignore what your spouse is doing. You can react to it. You just need to do it in a calm, professional manner — regardless of how you feel.

This may mean simply pointing out the facts. If your spouse says that you had $500,000 in investments and you know that you had $1,000,000, feel free to note the inaccurate number and provide evidence.

It could also mean asking your spouse direct questions that will cause them to expose the lie. You can ask questions without even making accusations, though the implication will be clear and your spouse may state the truth without meaning to do it.

Whatever you choose, just don’t take it personally and keep your emotions in check. Consider all of the legal options you have and find a calm, respectful way to make sure that the truth comes to light in the end.