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This is what happens after a drunk driving arrest

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2020 | Blog, DUI |

For drivers who are pulled over for DUI in Pennsylvania, the traffic stop is just the beginning of the legal process. Here is what to expect after being arrested for DUI.

The driver will be taken either to a police station or to central booking. Here, they are processed, and fingerprints and a mugshot are taken. The police will also run a check of their criminal history. While this is happening, the driver will be kept in a cell at the police station or at a jail. The police or a judge will eventually set a bond that the motorist must post to physically leave prison before their trial. The amount of the bond will depend on the person’s criminal history and flight risk. If the person does not have the money, they can have a bail bondsman put up the money for them, paying them a percentage of the bond.

Sometimes, law enforcement may not even require bail for a suspect arrested for DUI. Instead, they can release the person on their own recognizance. The person is promising to show up to their trial and face arrest if they do not participate in the legal process. This is more preferable than being required to put up bail.

Those who have been arrested for DUI face the possibility of significant penalties. If it is not their first offense, the punishment can escalate. The apprehended driver may benefit from the services of a DUI attorney to navigate the legal system after their arrest. The attorney may be able to assist them with negotiating a plea deal if the authorities are offering one. If not, the attorney might represent their client at trial.