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Are traffic tickets that big of a deal?

Everyone gets traffic tickets, so there is no need to worry about them, right? Wrong. This optimistic thinking can get you into trouble. Traffic tickets may seem small, but they can easily become major problems if you do not take care of them right away.

Can your child lose financial aid because of a drug conviction?

If you are the parent of a college student who is facing charges for a drug-related crime, you may have concerns about the penalties and collateral consequences he or she may face if convicted. In addition to possible jail time, fines and related penalties, your college student may face collateral consequences which do not come directly from the criminal justice system.

Defending a bar fight charge

Often, police do not involve themselves in bar fights. This tends to occur only if at least one party suffers extensive injuries, someone stole something, there is extensive property damage or the fight involves a weapon. Much of the time, these fights start because a bar has asked a patron to leave, and it does not go well.

3 things you should know about underage drinking in Pennsylvania

College freshmen often consider parties to be the highlight of school. Indeed, for those just getting acquainted with collegiate life, it may seem like no big deal to partake in alcohol when all your peers are drinking. As many underage individuals learn every year, though, there are consequences to alcohol consumption, and the legal ramifications should not be taken lightly.

How drug charges may affect child custody and parental rights

Are you a parent heading toward divorce and worried about the outcome when it comes to custody? If you have prior or ongoing drug convictions, you may be concerned that they will affect your ability to be involved in the life of your kid. Are you going to lose all rights to see your kid at all? Will you only receive visitation rights instead of joint custody?

How to stay legal with medical marijuana use

As with most states, Pennsylvania has recently legalized medical marijuana. Also in line with other states, there are serious restrictions in place on who is eligible and where the product can be purchased. In order to not break the law, you are responsible for understanding and following the restrictions and regulations put in place.

Are drug courts effective?

If you are like many Pennsylvanians facing drug-related charges, you may also be combatting a drug addiction that might have played a role in your initial crime. Often, drug addiction leads addicts to act in ways they otherwise would not, and drug courts seek to give addicts alternatives to imprisonment that may also help them kick their addictions for good.

3 ways to avoid a bar fight

Sometimes a party environment can quickly turn sour. You can be out drinking with your friends and having fun at one moment, only to be in the middle of an aggressive situation the next. Some people get angry when they are drunk, sometimes resulting in physical violence. You do not want to get into a bar fight when all you are trying to do is have a good time.

How criminal charges can derail a college career

Many criminal charges stem from frivolous mistakes. There is a difference between premeditating a crime and simply making a poor decision, but when it comes to the law, both can land you to a courtroom. Drinking too much or getting into a fight can quickly escalate, and the consequences might even entail criminal charges. It is important to deal quickly with such a situation and its implications.

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