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Allegations Of Child Abuse Or Assault Are Always Serious

Cases of physical child abuse and child sexual assault are often handled in the same aggressive and serious manner as murder. It is not uncommon for those convicted of sexual assault against children to spend as much, if not more, time in prison than convicted murderers.

It is necessary that you find an experienced lawyer immediately. There are stiff penalties on the line, and this is not a matter you can handle yourself.

At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I understand the grave consequences you are facing, and I am prepared to work with you to craft a defense against these charges. I provide each client a free consultation. To arrange an appointment, please call me today at 814-308-0422.

Making An Honest Mistake About Age Or Consent Can Still Lead To Charges

Possession of child pornography is considered a child sexual abuse case under criminal laws in Pennsylvania. If you have been caught with these materials, you need the immediate representation of a defense attorney you can trust with extensive experience. I am the veteran lawyer you need on your side.

At times, college students will find themselves in a difficult situation after being caught with pornography depicting borderline underage girls or teenagers who were mistaken for consenting adults. I work to craft a defense proving that you were unaware of the child’s age and identity in the teenage porn. I will also evaluate if the incriminating pornography was found on a commonly shared computer or device and might not have been your own.

Megan’s Law Makes Lifetime Registry A Real Possibility

In accordance with “Megan’s Law,” convicted sex offenders must register name, address and place of employment with the nearest Pennsylvania State Police barracks. The court must determine whether this registration is to take place once a year or every quarter, and whether the registration is to take place for the next 10 years or for the rest of the offender’s life.

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