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Don’t Face Domestic Violence Charges Alone

Allegations of domestic abuse are life-changing. If you are accused of hurting a family member or spouse, the risk of jail time is only the beginning. The stigma that surrounds these charges is difficult to fight, which makes finding legal counsel all the more important.

At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I provide skilled legal representation in Central Pennsylvania in a variety of criminal matters, including domestic violence. Domestic violence cases are emotionally charged and have serious consequences, making it imperative for you to have a skilled attorney on your side. I understand the situation you’re in and have the experience to help.

Skilled Defense Against Serious Charges

In Pennsylvania, domestic violence — or family violence — is generally charged as assault, aggravated assault or battery with additional considerations made for situations involving family or household members. In most cases, when police receive a domestic violence call they can make an arrest based solely on which party has physical injuries or called 911.

The penalties for domestic violence in Pennsylvania vary. Some cases can be resolved by requiring anger management courses, while others can result in felony charges. In most cases, the accused is subject to a Protection From Abuse order (PFA), a restraining order that accompanies domestic violence charges. It bars you from contacting the victim and requires that you remain a certain distance away. These orders can remain in effect for up to three years.

When a PFA is in effect, it is especially important to have a lawyer working with you. All communications should go through an attorney at this point, or you risk being arrested and jailed.

Available Defenses In Pennsylvania

If you have been accused of domestic violence, there may be defenses available in your case. At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I closely examine every case to build the best defense possible. I can help you fight these accusations by arguing lack of knowledge, lack of intent, intoxication, self-defense and provocation.

Don’t Wait — Call Today

In domestic violence cases there can be dire consequences before you have even had a court hearing. Call my State College office at 814-308-0422 or reach out online to find out how I can help.