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Charged With Drug Possession? We Can Help.

Drug charges are a serious matter and handled aggressively by law enforcement. When you face charges of possession, you should contact skilled and trusted legal representation immediately.

Even minor misdemeanor drug charges from something like possession of marijuana have the potential to cause civil consequences, including educational repercussions. You need a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side. Possession of drugs is no laughing matter.

At the State College Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I provide free initial consultations to each client to evaluate the details of his or her case. To arrange an appointment to discuss your drug possession defense, call me today at 814-308-0422 or email me.

How Police Found The Drugs Matters

Every situation is unique in a drug charge case. We will carefully review the circumstances of your arrest and find potential inconsistencies. We will explore search and seizure issues to determine if the matter was handled correctly and according to legal protocol.

Other details of the arrest can have a profound impact on the outcome of your case. For instance, if the drugs were found on your person or in your pocket, you are facing an actual possession. Otherwise, if the substances were simply found on a table in a commonly shared room, you may simply need to defend against a constructive possession charge, proving that the drugs may not have actually been yours.

Possession Cases Are Not Simple. Call Me For Advice.

I am highly skilled in the many details and technicalities that shape this area of law. I am prepared to individually evaluate your case to determine a defense that is in your best interest.

I provide each client a free initial consultation to discuss one-on-one his or her case and the circumstances surrounding his or her arrest. Call me today at 814-308-0422 to schedule an appointment.