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Drug Trafficking Is A Serious Felony

Law enforcement is increasing its efforts to prevent drug trafficking in Pennsylvania. It is a felony offense that carries serious penalties that could last a lifetime. To protect your freedom and future, it is critical that you contact a skilled drug trafficking defense lawyer as soon as possible.

At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I have extensive experience helping people facing drug trafficking charges ranging from marijuana to cocaine, Ecstasy, methamphetamine and heroin. As a former prosecutor, I know how cases are built. When analyzing a case, I know what to look for and what details the prosecutors are likely to miss. I work strategically and decisively to build a rigorous defense that is tailored for you. To schedule an appointment with a Central Pennsylvania drug defense lawyer, contact my law office at 814-308-0422 or by email.

Understand The Difference Between Drug Possession And Trafficking

Drug trafficking is essentially the equivalent of drug dealing. There are four different kinds of drug trafficking charges in Pennsylvania:

The difference between drug possession with the intent to distribute (PWID) and drug trafficking is how the drugs are intended to be used. PWID charges are filed when the drugs are intended for personal use. Trafficking charges are tied to drugs intended for distribution. The penalties for a drug trafficking or distribution charge will depend on the quantity of drugs involved, the type of controlled substance and your criminal history.

There is a huge difference between experimentation at college and being a drug dealer. My firm aggressively defends those accused of drug trafficking. I will fight to have your charges dismissed or minimized to give you the best possible result.

Delivery In Or Near A School Zone Increases The Penalties You Face

Individuals convicted of selling or attempting to sell drugs within a school zone face mandatory penalties. In Pennsylvania, a school zone is defined as any place within 1,000 yards of a school or university or within 250 years of a playground. Depending on the quantity of drugs involved, you could face a minimum of two to four years in prison.

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