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Using Marijuana Might Not Be A Big Deal, But Possession Charges Are

Marijuana is frequently used recreationally by many people in Pennsylvania. While it may be socially acceptable in many circles, it is not tolerated by Penn State or law enforcement in State College. If you are caught in possession of marijuana, you need a defense lawyer who has the skills and experience to protect your interests. Although possessing under 30 grams of marijuana is third-degree misdemeanor in Pennsylvania, a conviction could still have a negative effect on your status at the university and any future job opportunities.

At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I develop your defense against marijuana possession offenses by listening to you and examining all the facts of your case. I take the time to make sure we understand all of the variables at play. My goal is to provide you with the best possible defense to ensure the most favorable outcome.

If you have been charged with marijuana possession, it is important to hire an experienced attorney as soon as possible. There is no charge for your first consultation. To arrange for a confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact my law office at 814-308-0422.

We Defend Against Possession Of Marijuana And Paraphernalia Charges

The four most common marijuana possession charges are as follows:

  • Possession of under 30 grams of marijuana
  • Possession of 30 grams or more of marijuana
  • Possession with the intent to distribute
  • Cultivation of marijuana

While it is possible to only face charges for one of these crimes, typically you will be facing multiple drug charges, such as possession of drug paraphernalia.

Drug paraphernalia encompasses anything that can be used to ingest or store the drug, including rolling papers, pipes, bongs, needles, baggies, scales, etc. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor offense, punishable by up to a year in jail in addition to fines.

Additional charges plus the circumstances surrounding the crime itself are all factors that will determine the potential penalties. It is important to have an attorney who understands Pennsylvania’s drug laws and can advocate effectively to minimize the impact these charges will have on your life.

Hiring An Experienced Attorney Matters. My Firm Offers Free Consultations.

After reviewing your case, I, Lance T. Marshall, can advise you of your best option. As a former prosecutor and experienced defense attorney, he knows what to expect. To schedule an appointment, contact us at 814-308-0422 or by email. There is no charge for your initial consultation.