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Helping You Defend Your Driving Privileges

Being able to drive provides many of us with a level of independence and freedom we can’t imagine living without. But, since driving is seen legally as a privilege, it can be taken away as punishment for various infractions.

At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I use decades of experience in administrative law proceedings to help you get your license back — or even avoid losing it in the first place. Having a skilled attorney on your side can make all the difference.

I Haven’t Gotten A DUI, Can I Still Lose My License?

Having your driver’s license suspended is often associated with a DUI charge, but a court may take away your license for a number of other reasons, including:

  • Failure to pay traffic tickets
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Refusing to comply with a Breathalyzer or another chemical testing
  • Having too many “points” on your license

An experienced attorney can represent you at hearings and help you get your driver’s license back as quickly as possible.

What You Need To Know About Ignition Interlock

Pennsylvania recently adopted ignition interlock systems as a method of dealing with DUI convictions. It offers several advantages, the main one being that you can continue driving.

Ignition interlock systems keep individuals who have been drinking from operating a vehicle. If you have one of these devices installed, and it detects alcohol when you blow into it, the car will not start.

In Pennsylvania, ignition interlock is required for people convicted of both first-time and repeated DUIs with high blood alcohol levels. It is also mandatory for those who are convicted of a DUI after refusing to submit to chemical testing.

Use of the ignition interlock system lasts for one year, so depending on the length of the license suspension it may not be available to you right away. If, for example, your license is suspended for 18 months, you are prevented from getting the interlock system for the first 6 months of the suspension. The length of a DUI license suspension often depends on what your blood alcohol level was at the time of arrest and whether you have prior DUI convictions.

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