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Fight The Potential And Serious Consequences Of Theft Offenses

Theft charges are serious and, if not handled with skilled representation, can cost you profoundly into the future. At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I am prepared to help you defend against the charges and the potential consequences, regardless of the circumstance of the incident.

Walking Into A Dorm Room Uninvited Can Be Considered Breaking And Entering

Many times, college living situations are conducive to misunderstandings that can lead to theft or other charges. For instance, entering another person’s dorm room or living space in a shared building can be considered breaking and entering. If it is suspected that you entered with an intent to steal or commit a crime, the incident quickly escalates to burglary charges, even if you simply walked through an open front door.

Students sometimes find themselves facing these charges following a prank or mistaken situation. I work to minimize the criminal consequences. If the law is being overreaching and unreasonable, I find an avenue to fight it. This generally involves an investigation of the incident and interviewing of witnesses and other individuals associated. I will put the details together to create a case that proves the charges are excessive and undeserved.

I Start With A Free Consultation And Fight For The Best Outcome Possible

I am committed to fighting for your fair treatment. Sometimes this involves looking for a deal or entering a plea if needed. These charges can negatively impact your life far into the future, and I will do everything within our power to minimize that impact, allowing you to move forward.

I provide free consultations to learn the details of your circumstances. Call me today at 814-308-0422 to schedule an appointment with a criminal defense lawyer.