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Do You Need A Child Custody Attorney?

There are times when a child custody attorney needs to be conciliatory. The best advice I give to parents is this: You say you will do anything for your child? Then get along with the other parent. Both parents have 50 percent legal custody with the child. Whether you like it or not, you two are married to each other for the rest of your lives. Birthdays, weddings, Christmases — it never ends.

The Law Office of Lance T. Marshall offers advice on how to construct a child custody agreement. The more the two of you can agree, the better off it will be for your relationship with each other, and with your child.

I also understand that there are some cases in which the mother and father simply cannot talk to one another without fighting. It takes wisdom and experience to know if the issues you two are fighting over are legitimate disagreements or whether the court will consider the disagreement petty.

If your case must go to court, know that each county is different in how it handles custody actions. Each county requires a child custody complaint be filed. However, after that, in some counties, a child custody case might be in front of a judge for resolution in four to six weeks after the complaint is filed. In other counties, a child custody case might not be in front of a judge for four to six months. What happens in the meantime can have great significance to the outcome of the custody action.

I Help Families In Centre County And The Surrounding Area

If you do end up going to court for a child custody hearing, you will need an experienced trial attorney. I have represented hundreds of parents in Centre, Mifflin, Huntingdon, Clinton, Lycoming and Clinton counties. Call the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall. Contact me today at 814-308-0422.