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We Help Fathers Enforce Their Rights

Has the mother of your children threatened to take your children away from you forever? At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I am dedicated to helping fathers in Central Pennsylvania protect their rights and their relationships with their children.

Divorce and a number of other situations such as child custody determinations outside of marriage can make it difficult for a father to be part of his children’s lives. I understand the importance of maintaining the relationship between a father and his children and we have the skill and experience necessary to help you take action to protect your rights as a father.

Yes, Fathers Have Rights!

The first thing a father needs to understand is that they have a legal custody right to the child according to family law in Pennsylvania. It is universally accepted that children benefit when their father is an important and significant part of their lives. I encourage fathers to be active and involved in their child’s life. If you already have been involved in your child’s life and activities, now is not the time to give up that role.

I can help you protect your children’s right to have you as an integral part of their lives. Waiting to assert your parental rights can establish a new “status quo” of time spent with your child at the beginning of your separation. That “status quo” at the beginning can (and has) affected how much time you will have with your children at the end of the litigation process. Your relationship does not need to be limited to alternating weekends.

Advocate For Fathers Seeking Primary Custody

Many fathers have primary custody of their children or seek to fulfill that role. Do not let your role in your children’s lives be defined by someone else. Call the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall. I am a strong advocate of fathers’ rights and we work to ensure fathers can be there for their children.

Contact Me Today, Your Relationship With Your Child Could Depend Upon It

Let the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall provide you with experienced advocacy necessary to protect your relationship with your children and to minimize the stress the children may experience through divorce. Call me, experienced fathers’ rights attorney Lance T. Marshall, at 814-308-0422. Your children’s future depends upon it.