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Do you have to exceed the legal limit to get a DUI?

You know that you can get a DUI if you break the legal limit, which is a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% for most drivers. If the police pull you over and give you a breath test -- or arrest you and then perform a blood test -- you can face charges for driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in your system.

Man facing DUI charges and more after woman falls from vehicle

A rather strange case in Pennsylvania could have serious ramifications for a man who was arrested after a woman fell out of a moving vehicle and landed in the roadway. She can't tell police what happened, as she's in critical condition, so there is some controversy over the events.

Police report that checkpoint failed, got shut down early

Police in Pennsylvania decided to set up a DUI checkpoint back in the middle of March, running it on March 15 and March 16. They are now releasing their report about how it did, and it's being called a bust. It appears that they shut it down early because it was ineffective.

Pennsylvania bus driver accused of drunk driving with children

According to reports out of Pennsylvania, a bus driver was allegedly drunk behind the wheel, even though she had more than two dozen kids on the school bus at the time. She has now been arrested and is facing some very serious charges.

What are the penalties for drunk driving in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, lawmakers have set the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit at .02 for anyone under 21 and .08 for anyone that age or over. Those who exceed these run the risk of being arrested for driving under the influence (DUI). There are significant consequences to being arrested and charged with drunk driving in the state depending on which of the three tiers your offense falls under.

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