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Pennsylvania bus driver accused of drunk driving with children

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Dui Defense |

According to reports out of Pennsylvania, a bus driver was allegedly drunk behind the wheel, even though she had more than two dozen kids on the school bus at the time. She has now been arrested and is facing some very serious charges.

The woman, who is 44 years old, was driving for the Northampton Area School District. On Friday, March 1, police say that she started driving her bus rather erratically. She eventually wound up at a gas station. The kids were still on the bus. The driver went up to an employee at the gas station, handed them the keys and then abandoned the children on foot.

Those children were then on their own, completely unattended on the bus. That changed when police officers and school officials arrived, but they still spent time on their own at the gas station.

After helping the kids, the police went to the bus driver’s house. She was there, and they arrested her.

When asked what had happened, one of the eighth-grade students said that the driver had missed stops, left her proper route and even driven in the oncoming lanes.

“We were freaking out,” the girl said. “We didn’t know if she was drunk or what.”

That’s exactly what police say, now that they have made the arrest. She is facing DUI charges and a host of other charges.

For someone who drives for a living, legal charges like this can end that career completely. It is very important that they know all of the options they have and that they get a fair trial.