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25 Years Of Experience Handling Complex Property Division In Divorce

For 25 years, the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall has assisted wealthy individuals in State College and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania with dividing their assets and debts as part of their divorce. I have earned the respect of my colleagues for my equally impressive skills as a negotiator and litigator in family law. I can help you walk away from your divorce with a fair portion of the wealth you and your spouse built up together during your marriage.

Complex Asset Division

Property division is rarely simple, and this is especially so when the divorcing couple owns highly valuable and complex assets. I have guided hundreds of high-asset clients through divorce. I know how to take care of assets like:

  • A partnership or ownership stake in a business
  • Retirement savings and other investments
  • The family home, vacation homes, investment properties and other real estate
  • Personal property such as family heirlooms, jewelry, art, classic cars and private jets

Controversies often arise over whether certain assets are marital (acquired during the marriage and belonging to both spouses jointly) or nonmarital (belonging solely to one spouse). Another common dispute is over how much certain valuables, such as a small business, are actually worth. With extensive experience in valuation and determining ownership of property, I am always well-prepared to represent your financial rights at the negotiation table and in court if necessary.

You Owe It To Yourself To Go After Your Fair Share

The stakes are high in property division. Having the right divorce lawyer on your side can ensure that the lifestyle you have worked hard to enjoy will not be threatened by an unfair property settlement. Contact me at the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall to schedule a consultation. Call 814-308-0422. I represent clients throughout the region, including Centre, Mifflin and Clinton counties.