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Protect Your Right To Equitable Property Division Of Complex Assets

While every divorce requires attention to the division of assets, some couples own property that is especially challenging to divide. Things like your family-owned business, investment portfolios and real estate cannot just be split down the middle. Careful planning and strong negotiating skills are necessary to ensure that you end up with a reasonable, practical and sustainable settlement.

I am Lance T. Marshall, and I have practiced family law in State College, Pennsylvania, for 25 years. At the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall, I draw on my decades of experience in divorce to help my clients divide their most valuable and complex marital assets. I will personally handle every aspect of your property division and work diligently to ensure you walk away with the funds to maintain your high standard of living.

I can help you determine how to divide such complex assets as:

  • Full or partial ownership in a business
  • Retirement savings and other investment accounts
  • Real estate holdings such as vacation homes and rental properties

Complex Property Division In Central Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania follows the equitable distribution system of dividing assets in divorce. Marital assets must be divided fairly, not necessarily equally, between the spouses. This applies to most things you and your ex acquired during your marriage, but there are exceptions. I will go over your assets to determine what is eligible for division and what belongs to you alone. I will also thoroughly investigate for signs your ex is hiding marital assets from you, such as in a secret bank account. Whether you earned significant income during the marriage or not, you are entitled to a fair share of the wealth you both worked hard to make possible.

Getting an accurate idea of the value of some assets is not as easy as looking at a bank statement. I have the resources necessary to reach a precise valuation of your business, real estate and other assets. This information makes a fair solution to asset division possible. For example, you could buy out your spouse’s share of the business or sell it at fair market value and divide the proceeds. I will listen carefully to your goals and advise you accordingly so that your property settlement reflects them as much as possible.

Questions About Your Property Rights?

A satisfactory property settlement is one of the most important parts of divorce. You are welcome to visit my State College office to discuss property division and other divorce matters with me. Call the Law Office of Lance T. Marshall at 814-308-0422 today or contact me online to make an appointment.