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Sincere And Strong Advice For Family Law

The Law Offices of Lance T. Marshall are principally proficient at multifaceted assessments of clients’ personal and professional lives, as well as considering resourceful solutions for people dealing with family law matters, such as asset division during a divorce settlement.

Attorney Lance T. Marshall provides family law counsel for people who are struggling with:

Attorney Marshall has a diverse clientele and has helped people in Centre, Blair, Mifflin, Clinton, Sullivan, Clearfield and Huntingdon counties with many types of family law and divorce cases. Attorney Marshall is trusted for his ability in negotiations and experience in the courtroom, where he helps his clients through complicated legal matters.

We Help Keep Your Family Law Matter As Simple As Possible

Lance T. Marshall has represented people in family law whose assets and income widely range. As such, attorney Marshall prides himself on helping those clients find solutions that are suitable for their financial and emotional wants and needs. Attorney Marshall’s sound legal advice and counsel are the reason why he is one of the most sought-after family law lawyers in Central Pennsylvania.

We Work Hard To Get You The Best Potential Outcome

We want our clients to be able to move forward with their lives without the waning stress of family law issues, such as parental rights and divorce. Our firm is devoted to helping our clients through their family law matters as quickly as possible, while keeping it as cost-effective and lucrative for them as possible.

We Are Conveniently Located In The Heart Of Downtown State College

We treat our family law clients with the reverence and dignity they deserve. If you have a family legal matter such as divorce, division of personal or business assets, child custody, paternity, child support, spousal support, protection from abuse (PFA) orders, prenuptial agreements, powers of attorney, trusts or wills, call Centre County family law attorney Lance T. Marshall today for a free consultation at 814-308-0422.