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Police can use DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania

All Pennsylvania drivers need to know exactly how drunk driving laws work. It may not be exactly how you expect.

For instance, maybe you already know that the police cannot stop a car without a reason. That reason may be something relatively minor, like a broken taillight, but they do need to have a reason. Random stops infringe on people's rights.

Never ignore a divorce filing

You do not want to get divorced. Your spouse does. They file for divorce. If you just ignore it, can that slow the process down or get your spouse to give up entirely?

No. We cannot stress this enough: Do not ignore this situation. Yes, it may sound tempting. Maybe you don't like confrontation. Maybe you don't take your partner seriously. Maybe you just assume that you have to go along with it for the divorce to go through at all.

Did the police stereotype you?

The police take you into custody. Maybe it's a traffic stop. Maybe they stop you on the street. However it happens, you do not feel like it's a fair arrest. You think that the officers stereotyped you when they picked you up. Does it happen?

It certainly does, according to some psychologists. How can they be so sure? Because they claim that everyone uses stereotypes in their lives. Everyone. From the middle school teacher to the dentist to the police officer. And if it's that widespread, you know that it happens during arrests.

Are teens who share drugs considered drug dealers?

The New York Times spent several months examining fatal drug overdoses that led to homicide charges in several states. The effort included Pennsylvania, where one in four people charged with a drug crime is under the age of 25.

A teenager can be charged as a drug dealer in many states, even if they were giving the illegal substance away to a friend and regardless of how they got it. Homicide charges can result in the case of an accidental overdose.

Do people often consider divorce?

You may find yourself wondering how often people think about ending their marriages. Maybe it's crossed your mind with your own relationship, and you want to know if most people are in the same boat or if you have a surprisingly problematic marriage. Maybe you're not even sure if you want to split up for real, so you're just wondering how normal it is to think about divorce at all.

First and foremost, check out the divorce rate. It's often thought of as 50%, though some say 40-50% is more accurate. Either way, it's clear that you're not alone. A lot of people think about divorce and then go forward with it. It's more common and accepted in American culture than it used to be.

Why is it risky to get married early?

Have you ever heard people say that you don't want to get married too young or that you should never get married before you get done with college? Maybe you've wondered why it matters; if you already found the right person for you, isn't that the only thing you really need to worry about?

There are a lot of potential issues that come along with getting married young, and there is a reason that it leads to divorce so often. Some possible issues include financial stress and rushing into marriage for the wrong reasons.

If the police don't have a warrant, keep the door closed

The police come to your door and knock. They announce themselves. It's the middle of the day. Even so, something just feels off about the encounter. You have no idea why they're there. Do you have to let them in?

You don't. You don't even have to open the door. Some experts advise just talking to them with the door closed. The police officers are merely strangers knocking on the door. Would you open it and let just anyone into your home? Their uniforms do not change anything. Politely tell them that you would rather they didn't come in and they have to do as you ask.

Do you have to exceed the legal limit to get a DUI?

You know that you can get a DUI if you break the legal limit, which is a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% for most drivers. If the police pull you over and give you a breath test -- or arrest you and then perform a blood test -- you can face charges for driving with an excessive amount of alcohol in your system.

But do you have to break the legal limit to get a DUI? Does that mean you can't get one as long as you do not go over 0.08%?

Life may not be the same after divorce

Sometimes, when people think of a "fair" divorce agreement, what they really mean is that they want the exact same life after the divorce that they had before it. They want the same home, the same standard of living, the same financial freedom. They think that the goal is to set things up with property division, spousal support and child support so that it is as if they never got divorced at all.

Here's the stark reality: That's probably not going to happen.

Kids really do need both parents after divorce

Your spouse files for divorce, and the first thing they tell you is that they're going to make sure you never see the kids again. They want to get full custody. They think it is best for the child if you are no longer a part of their life.

While there are rare cases where this makes sense, such as cases of abuse, most of the time it goes completely against what experts say is actually best for the children. In reality, it just represents what is best for your ex or at least what your ex thinks they want at that particular moment.

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