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The real reason the divorce rate dropped

Have you heard that the divorce rate, after rising for so long, has started to drop in the United States? Some studies have shown that it has begun to fall again.

When you think about what this means for American culture, you may naturally assume that it means more marriages are successful. More couples are happy. However, that's not necessarily true.

Divorce gets easier when you see others do it

Are you thinking of divorce but unsure if you can do it or not? One thing that may influence your thinking is whether or not you have seen other people go through it. These people could be friends or family members.

In that sense, some researchers say that divorce is contagious. They note that it's easier for people to get divorced after witnessing it happen to someone else in their social circle. It makes them more likely to take that next step.

Can you avoid false abuse allegations?

You and your ex are not on good terms. You worry that he or she is going to make false allegations of child abuse, perhaps out of spite or perhaps to keep you from seeing the kids.

Child abuse is a very serious criminal issue. It can lead to an arrest, jail time, and the loss of your rights as a parent. It can change your life. You must take this seriously.

If your spouse tells you this, divorce may be inevitable

When one person asks for a divorce, or at least brings it up for the first time, it's common for the other spouse to wonder if they can save the marriage. They aren't sure that divorce is inevitable yet. They think they can still fix things.

That may be true. Relationships go through ups and downs. However, it may already be past the point of no return. It could be that your spouse didn't bring up divorce at all until they were 100% sure they were going to move forward with it no matter what. During that conversation, if they tell you the following things, you may have reached that point:

  • Even if you changed your behavior or actions, they would still want to end the marriage.
  • They have thought about a future with you and they just do not see it as a possibility.
  • They are already being unfaithful to the marriage and have moved on emotionally.
  • They feel apathetic about the whole thing. You may want to fix the relationship, but they honestly just do not care.
  • They have been letting resentment build for a long time. The request for a divorce didn't come after a single event.
  • They don't even want to try counseling because they know it won't help. For some couples, they have already tried and it made no real difference.

Sharing prescription drugs can have legal consequences

You get injured and are prescribed painkillers. You take them for a while, but you heal quickly and stop taking them before you use up the supply -- even though the doctor told you to take them all.

You have a friend who asks you if he can have some. He doesn't want to go to the doctor and have to pay for them. You assume that you're not going to use them. Therefore, you might as well share them. Is this legal?

Tips for moving through a divorce when you're at work

Just because you are getting divorced does not mean your daily schedule changes. You still have other obligations. You still have a strict schedule at work and goals you need to accomplish. How do you balance the two?

It can be difficult, especially if it's a stressful and complex divorce. Here are some tips that can help:

  • Only talk on the phone or answer emails in a private setting. It's best not to do it at work at all, but, if you have no other choice and it's an urgent message, find a private place to do so.
  • If you're sending divorce-related emails from the office, log out of your work email and use your personal account for those messages.
  • Work in advance to coordinate the schedules. If you have a court hearing, for instance, tell your employer as far in advance as you can to get the time off. If you have a business trip, tell your legal team that you'll be out of town.
  • Only tell the people who need to know. Don't talk about it with co-workers. At the same time, make sure you do tell people in key positions. For instance, if you set up your own bank account, you need to tell payroll where to wire the money. You may need to talk to human resources, and you may also have to tell your boss or supervisor so they can understand your time-off needs.

Drug-crime relationships can be difficult to break

Drug charges can stem from a variety of situations, but they can all mean that you are facing some severe penalties if you are convicted. Many people don't realize that drug-related charges can sometimes mean more than just those for possession or dealing. Instead, some have to do with the type of lifestyle the person lives.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics recognizes that there is a relationship between drug usage and various categories of crimes. It has divided these up into three areas, each of which encompasses different reasoning for the activities.

Try not to make it personal if your spouse lies during divorce

You know that it's illegal to lie during a divorce case. You have to be honest about everything. This includes how you both acted during the marriage, what assets you control and much more.

Unfortunately, just because it's illegal to lie does not mean that your spouse won't do it. It can be infuriating to hear them lie to the judge and mislead everyone about this case that is so important to you.

Police can use DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania

All Pennsylvania drivers need to know exactly how drunk driving laws work. It may not be exactly how you expect.

For instance, maybe you already know that the police cannot stop a car without a reason. That reason may be something relatively minor, like a broken taillight, but they do need to have a reason. Random stops infringe on people's rights.

Never ignore a divorce filing

You do not want to get divorced. Your spouse does. They file for divorce. If you just ignore it, can that slow the process down or get your spouse to give up entirely?

No. We cannot stress this enough: Do not ignore this situation. Yes, it may sound tempting. Maybe you don't like confrontation. Maybe you don't take your partner seriously. Maybe you just assume that you have to go along with it for the divorce to go through at all.

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