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Man facing DUI charges and more after woman falls from vehicle

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Dui Defense |

A rather strange case in Pennsylvania could have serious ramifications for a man who was arrested after a woman fell out of a moving vehicle and landed in the roadway. She can’t tell police what happened, as she’s in critical condition, so there is some controversy over the events.

According to reports, the police got a 911 call saying that the woman had gotten injured. They responded and discovered her lying on the pavement. She had cuts and scrapes all over her body, she had broken ribs, both of her lungs had collapsed, and she had a broken back and a broken neck.

It became clear very quickly that she had fallen out of a vehicle. A group of people had gathered as emergency crews worked on the woman. They discovered that her boyfriend was in the crowd, and it was his truck that she fell out of. It was parked near the accident scene.

“They did speak with [him],” reported one trooper. “[He] basically said that this was stemming from a domestic dispute they had while in the vehicle. According to [him], it’s alleged that she jumped out of the vehicle on her own while the vehicle was in motion.”

However, the police may think, as some reports claim, that the man pushed her out of the truck. They did arrest him on DUI charges. They also gave him charges for both simple assault and aggravated assault. However, they’re still investigating the case.

Charges like this can change the course of someone’s life, and they must know what legal defense options they have, especially when there are disputes about what really happened.