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Facts about father’s rights

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Blog, Family Law |

In family law circles, misconceptions often cloud the facts about fathers’ rights. Unfortunately, misinformation often leads to missed opportunities for preserving and exercising those rights. As a father who wants to maintain a relationship with your child, understanding the truth is the first step.

Know the facts about your rights as a father.

Courts are more encouraging than in the past

Many fathers hesitate to seek equal parenting time due to the overwhelming belief that courts always side with the mother. In the past, court decisions favored the bond between mother and child. Modern custody rulings prioritize equal opportunities for both parents provided they can offer stable, suitable care.

Fathers’ rights cover more than finances

With so much focus on child support, you might think that the only rights given to fathers address the child’s financial security. Fathers’ rights go beyond just financial responsibilities. Fathers have a right to involvement, decision-making and interaction.

Paternity leave allows fathers time with newborns

Although much of the focus of family leave is often on mothers, fathers have equal rights to leave for bonding time when they have a child. If you have an infant, take paternity leave to adjust to your new family.

Fathers nurture and care for children

Society often paints fathers as emotionally unavailable and not nurturing. This is not true. Fathers are equally capable of providing emotional support and guidance for children.

Avoid the pitfalls of fathers’ rights misconceptions with education. Work with an attorney to explore the facts about your rights in family court.