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August 2017 Archives

Crack down on drunk driving in place through Labor Day holiday

Drunk driving charges should be taken seriously. In a Pennsylvania community east of the State College area police are cracking down on drunk motorcycle riding and other types of drunk driving. Authorities recently announced the drunk driving enforcement campaign. Both state and national messaging, along with increased enforcement, is hoped to reduce impaired motorcycle riding and drunk driving on the nation's roadways. Authorities will be conducting zero-tolerance patrols for impaired driving. The enforcement period will extend through the Labor Day holiday.

Are drug courts effective?

If you are like many Pennsylvanians facing drug-related charges, you may also be combatting a drug addiction that might have played a role in your initial crime. Often, drug addiction leads addicts to act in ways they otherwise would not, and drug courts seek to give addicts alternatives to imprisonment that may also help them kick their addictions for good.

The basics of grandparents' rights in Pennsylvania

Grandparents' rights can be an important, and sometimes complicated, concern for grandparents, parents and families. In Pennsylvania, if the mother and father of a child are married, then grandparents do not have any rights to custody. The situation may be different, however, if the mother and father of the child are not married.

What is a plea bargain?

If you are facing criminal charges, you may wonder what your options are. There are criminal defense options, as well as the option of a plea bargain which may be possible depending on the circumstances. It is useful for those facing criminal charges to understand what plea bargaining is and what it entails. There are three areas of negotiation involved in plea bargaining and plea bargains may be different types.

State College crime statistics for arts festival released

Summer is a busy time of year with many activities to attend. Crime statistics from the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts were recently released. According to State College police, reported criminal activity during the festival was normal to below usual. Police reported there were 69 non traffic-related incidents throughout the weekend in the area State College police cover. Underage drinking topped the list of most reported incidents with a total of 20 reports of underage drinking.

3 ways to avoid a bar fight

Sometimes a party environment can quickly turn sour. You can be out drinking with your friends and having fun at one moment, only to be in the middle of an aggressive situation the next. Some people get angry when they are drunk, sometimes resulting in physical violence. You do not want to get into a bar fight when all you are trying to do is have a good time.

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