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September 2017 Archives

Pennsylvania colleges have a high amount of reported crime

Criminal defense rights are important to all individuals who have been accused of a crime. A total of 1,701 crimes were reported by Pennsylvania colleges during 2015 which is one of the highest numbers of crimes reported on a college campus anywhere in the nation. The data is provided by the Department of Education's Campus Safety and Security survey. The survey tracks a wide range of reported criminal offenses including serious criminal offenses such as rape, burglary, assault and murder. When adjusted for the number of students in the state, Pennsylvania falls on the list.

Adoption process steps in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, there are numerous adoption agencies available to help families seeking to grow through the adoption process adopt a child. After an agency has been selected, the adoptive parents need to complete an application to begin the adoption process. In general, the application will ask about the composition of the potential adopter's family, their background and the characteristics of the child they are seeking to adopt.

How to stay legal with medical marijuana use

As with most states, Pennsylvania has recently legalized medical marijuana. Also in line with other states, there are serious restrictions in place on who is eligible and where the product can be purchased. In order to not break the law, you are responsible for understanding and following the restrictions and regulations put in place.

Avoiding common Pennsylvanian criminal defense mistakes

It is important for individuals accused of crimes to understand their criminal defense rights and their importance. Because police and prosecutors make investigatory and charging decisions, it is important to understand criminal defense rights related to criminal charges and interactions with police and prosecutors. Certain pitfalls can affect an accused individual's case, and it is helpful to be familiar with what they are and avoid them.

The property division process in Pennsylvania

Property division is an important concern for divorcing spouses. In Pennsylvania, equitable property division rules are followed when dividing marital property. Marital property is generally subject to division when a couple in Pennsylvania makes the decision to divorce. Marital property includes property that is acquired or income that is earned during the marriage.

Pennsylvania family arrested for alleged drug ring

Drug charges are serious criminal charges and require a swift response. In a Pennsylvania community about an hour west of the State College area a family was recently arrested on drug charges. The relatives are accused of operating a drug distribution ring. A total of five family members, ranging in age from 27 to 51, were arrested on felony charges of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance. The family is accused of running a cocaine distribution ring in the area.

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